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Plantar Fasciitis

plantar fasciitis injury This injury is a pain along the bottom (plantar) of the foot in the connective tissues (fascia) between the heel and toes. Often the pain more toward the heel. It is a common injury associated with middle-age and/or overweight people. It is a progressive damage injury rather than an inflammatory injury related to repetitive heavy use or from long periods of time spent standing.


You feel pains along the bottom of your foot or your heel when you step out of bed first thing in the morning. You feel pain in your heel or along the bottom of your feet when running or are going up stairs. The pain can subside when you are off your feet.


People who stand on their feet at work or for long periods. Marathon running is fairly abusive to the fascia of the bottom of the foot. Overweight people experience this condition much more than normal weight people. Improper foot wear with too high of an arch can be a cause.


Resting the sore feet is the first and primary measure. Stretching the foot to loosen up the fascia can help. Professional physical therapy and message therapy should be considered. Ice treatment and therapeutic socks that stretch the foot are also beneficial. Doctors also have a range of medical options available for severe cases such as including anti-inflammatory medications and surgery.

Prevention Tips:

Run with high quality shoes with adequate arch supports. Get down to the appropriate weight for your size. Lose weight, any excess weight adds to injury during running. Rest your feet between workouts. Talk to your podiatrist about orthotics.

Read more about your fascia

Please note the above notes are only suggestions from a life long runner, please consult your doctor for professional advise on any injury that you experience.

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