New Yorkers Will Literally Have to Move out of NY to get their Constitutional Freedoms Back
In case you weren't aware, there are States in the USA where there are no mask mandates, no restrictions, no lockdowns, kids are going to school and playing sports, people are attending large gathering events, vaccine passports plans are illegal, and life is going on as normal. They are republican controlled red states, where freedom is still cherished and democrats can't try to control you.

The Rotten Control-Freak Gov. cuomo comes out against the CDC guidelines saying New Yorkers will still have to wear masks even if they get the vaccine. 'Follow the science' he says (UNLESS it takes control over the people away from me!) "You can't just let the citizens be free!"

The lousy dictator, cuomo, now wants to force people to take the experiemental vaccine against their will by denying them access to life events and constitutionally guaranteed freedom of assembly. He also wants to force all event organizers to do the manual verifications of every attendee's vaccine records. Impeach this tyrant!

Take the experiemental vaccine against your will or what, go to jail?

Indian Health Ambassador Gets COVID Vaccine Live on TV to Show Everyone How Safe It Is – Dies 2 Days Later

Despite nearly empty hospitals and plunging cases, the dictator cuomo cancels yet another summer of activities for NYers because he just can't relinquish the power and control over people he thrives on Impeach this tyrant!

Healthy teenager hospitalized with brain blood clots after COVID-19 vaccine.

How many people have died from the vaccine? The answer will likely surprise you.

We are being played here folks. 7 Yankees Staffers Test Positive for Covid-19. ALL were Previously Vaccinated. Two words: False postive!

People share vaccine side effects that sound worse than covid itself

Freedom Florida Governor blocks the useless mask mandates state wide putting an end to the fearmongering mask insanity.

Group of independent doctors concluded that experimental COVID-19 vaccines are “not safer” than the virus itself.

Biden tweets; the rule is simple get the vaccine or wear a mask forever Um, Hell No, we don't have to do either. We will make our own healthcare decisions and will not be forced by you, the CDC, or any democrat!

States begin dropping mask mandates but democrats still want to hold onto the power to control you

As on May 10th, 4,434 adults and children, have been recorded as dying after receiving one of the experimental COVID injections.

Parrhesia Poem: "It was never gonna be just a few days"

Dear President Biden, I’m planning to move to Mexico, and would like you to assist me A Unique exposure of the massive red carpet democrats have rolled out, using our money, for noncitizens to flood into our country.

Mother at the end of her emotional rope with the lunatic school mask mandate being extended for yet another year, lets the inept school board have a piece of her mind.

"Look at Me!" Black Mother Takes Blowtorch to Leftist School Board pushing the CRT Critical Race Theory Indoctrination

Biden is Carter Relived. Inflation, Conflict Exploding in the Middle East, Gas Lines and Shortages, and an Emboldened Iran

Sicko Biden HHS Lays the Groundwork for the Chemical Castration of Children. HHS would adopt the Orwellian redefinition of “sex” to force transgender ideology in the medical field


Snow has fallen in the Mile High City for 9 straight months, you know, because it's SO WARM due to the global warming scam! Didn't Gore warn there'd be no more snow or and ski slopes closed by like 2006?

The enemy within! Tlaib

‘We literally can’t get anyone even to apply for a job!’ The easily expected result of democrat's idiotic policy of paying people more to not work.

Sicko Biden overturns one of Trump's pro-life protections for unborn American citizens.

Research being done on Sars/Corona viruses to make them deliver a 15% mortality

Army recruitment advertisement under Biden features lesbian wedding, woman with two moms, gay pride parade.

Observe the unhinged hysteria coming from a facemask nazi going about trying to push his irrational fears upon others. An Alpha male really was needed to put this guy in his place.

There is not a single documented Covid infection anywhere in the world from casual outdoor interactions.

These socialist democrats are unfit in every way to lead, they think its their job to pay everyone's income. The Borrow and Spend Lunatics are now pushing a 4th stimulus chcck followed by $2,000/month checks ongoing. They pay people to not work, pay them extra gold-plated weekly unemployent bonus, tell them they don't need to pay the rent they owe, and now they want to pay all their damn income too. Dear people if you want a country left after they are done bankrupting it, throw these socialist bums out of office. They have zero respect for money, honest work, and earning an honest living. Keep your damn handouts and pay down the mountains of debt you've accumualted for the next generations.

Hell No! Dr Depression Fauci floats the idea of permanent seasonal masks. Quit destroying our country Fascist Fauci with your fear mongering BS!!! This Country will return to normal as soon as you and your ilk at CDC are fired.

Hard to overstate the ‘diabolical dumbness’ of Sarah Silverman’s rant

The Evil Dictator cuomo begins plans to isolate and exclude NYers from free living for those who opt to not get the experimental covid vaccine. Forced coercion to make people obey his commands, a true tyrant.

DO NOT LET andy cuomo have one more ounce of power because this narcissist will take it all and more. He has no off switch in his lust to control people's lives and make every decision for them.

States fight back against Biden's federal overreach

Where are the real men???

Over $3 BILLION DOLLARS of our hard earned tax dollars going to house migrants since February alone because of Biden's disasterous border policies. What despicable government waste!

Mask Nazis running UMASS Amherst suspended honor students for not wearing masks off-campus, outside, parents ready to fight!!! It's about damn time people fight back against the mask insanity! Sue them up and down!

Canada's Mask Nazi Police arrest and hog-tie Pastor after church for continuing to hold 'illegal church services'

CIA Replaces Waterboarding With 12-Hour Lectures On Intersectional Feminism

Awash in bailout cash from responsible red states, Bankrupt blue state reprobate California Governor Proposes Tripling Spending on Stimulus Checks

Video of New Yorkers SHOCKED to Learn THE TRUTH About Tax Rates in America Exposing the Lies of Media Indoctrination

CDC Reports 2 More Infant DEATHS Following Experimental COVID Injections During Clinical Trials. What kind of parent would subject an infant to this experiement when they have virtually no chance of dying from covid?

The Ballad Of andrew cuomo, An Opera Into Itself Even fellow democrats told him he must resign (wink, wink, nod, nod). They really don't care about all those harassment allegations, he's a democrat after all, its A-OK he's one of us!

After Spiteful Biden canceled the Keystone pipeline, Energy Sec. admits 'pipe is the best way' to transport fuel.

Democrat lockdowns cost countless jobs, ruined lives, crippled our kids education, and appear to have had no life saving benefit.

Who said this about the taking the vaccine? "But if"...the President..."tells us that we should take it. I’m not taking it." (Kamals Harris, Oct/2020)

ChuckU Schumer appears to want to deny travel to Americans who refuse to be gunnea pigs in the experiemental vaccine jab. The govt forcibly coercing you to take medicine is illegal!

Biden administration holding nearly 25,000 migrant children without parents. What? no outrage from the lying media and the radical left this time for kids being separated from parents? Because you're lying hyporcits with your phoney outrage, and you know it!

x-MMA figher Gina Carano Fights Back Against Disney and the Cancel Culture. "I'm not going down without a fight"

Miserable lowlife do-nothing BLMs and Antifa agitators block the road so normal working people can't get to work.

Athlete being told to keep their mouths shut about the trans-cheater in upcoming Olympic qualifications

The school boards are becoming infested with leftwing woke activists poisoning our kids and culture with their critical race theory garbage, destroying this generation with their devilish ideology

The Bible teaches that in teh future, if you do not accept the mark of the beast you will not be able to engage in any commerce in society. Corporate America is already falling in line with this prophecy as Banks, Credit Card Companies, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and here, PayPal shut off communication and commerce for anyone that dare not fall in line with their secular political agenda

Chicken Pox, the flu, and strep throat are more fatal to kids than covid. Take the damn masks off our kids you ignorant child abusers!

Hero Florida Gov. Desantis signs bill banning any democrat vaccine passport. Florida, where constitutional freedoms are still observed, idiotic face masks are not required, and democrats plans are properly disposed of.

Observe a police-hating leftwing college professor berate a student and push her hatred of law enforcement upon the student. This is the indoctrination that is happening in colleges all over America. They are teaching our kids to hate our history, hate police, and hate America.

Listen to this woman harass and berate an honorable law enforcement officer. This is the hate that democrats have stirred up in society towards law enforcement with their anti-police retoric. Of course this racist is also a college professor.

Reprobate-minded democrats, who serve only criminal's and the noncitizen's interests, extend moratorium on evictions so the deadbeats of society can contiunue to skip out on paying rent for the past year) despite being handed billions in unemployment cash to sit at home. Responsible taxpaying landlords forced to eat all the losses as the deadbeats capitalize off the democrat politicians.

"Can you honestly say there is nothing going on here besides the spread of a virus?"

Loser Biden plans to let the IRS snoop on your bank accounts anytime. Force banks to report your money movement.

Sicko Biden has proposed $10 TRILLION in psychopathic spending in his first month! The largest growth of government in human history. Reject all democrat proposals to save America from absolutely certain debt collapse!

The Radical Left and the Democrat-Run Mainstream Media Want America to Burn

Lebron James defends a knife-wielding maniac trying to kill a teenage girl.

According to democrat Tyrant Gov. whitmer of Michigan, constitutional freedoms come from God HER! Obey me and get injected with the experiemental shot or stay locked down forever! I alone will decide what freedoms you get and when!.

Resist the Tyranny!

Biden bows down, like a wet noodle, to AOC, ups the inflow of refugee by 8 times

How far we've fallen from our founders vision of limited government by following the democrat's big gov't cradle to grave handouts! A Record 34% Of All Household Income In The US Now Comes From The Government

Dr. Fauci's agency spent over $400k on experiments grafting scalps from aborted human babies onto mice and rats. Is this not satanic?

Canada puts forth request for proposal for citizen isolation and internment camps in all provinces (and it's not limited to covid use!)

More Mask Insanity: Man Kicked Off Plane For Not Wearing Mask In Between Bites of Food.

Freedom-loving Michigan petition gets enough signatures to overturn the oppressive democrat Gov. whitmer's unconstitutional covid powers and tyranical executive orders Impeach this vindictive tyrant from office while your at it!

Welcome to the MASKerade

New York’s Homeless Veterans NOT ELGIBLE for huge cash $15K checks corrupt democrats handing out to illegal aliens. Remember when it's time to vote, the corrupt democrat's highest priority is the non citizen, screw the men and women that fought for this country!

Robin Lehner 'furious' at NHL for breaking COVID-19 promise to restore player's freedoms. "We're vaccinated and we're still stuck in a prison".

A Truth Bomb Dropped on BBC Interview

AOC, possibly the least qualified and the lowest IQ person to ever be in congress, declares ‘Trampling Racial Justice Is a Cause of Climate Change’

Once again the brave heros of law enforcement are forced to physically fight against society's lowest of the low hate-filled lowlifes. The Do-nothings that only exist to cause trouble, egged on by the corrupt mainstream media and the radical democrats.

Honorable white Police officer responding to call for help beaten to death by Black lawless reprobate.

The Satanic Indoctrination of Kids by the Left: Louisiana Teacher Stands Up For Science, Common Sense In Education, Slams Gender Discussion

Texas school overwhelmingly tells the leftwing America-hating critical race theory agenda to get out!

Black Reprobate Driver Who Allegedly Struck, Killed White NYPD Officer, Said ‘Fu** the Police’ in Podcast Hours Before Crash

Governor Kristi Noem invites all the defunded and laid off police officers from the radical democrat-destroyed states to come to South Dakota for employment where law enforcement officers are still honored and respected.

Cursing BLM lowlife Agitators and Insurrectionists Storm The Oklahoma Capitol Building – Surprise No MSM Outrage or Coverage

CDC Now Recommends Wearing Your Car Seat Belt Even When You’re Outside The Car, LOL!

People moving to get out from under the high-tax high-regulation, democrat oppression. Mass exodus from democrat-run states moving to Red Republican states. Red states picking up congressional seats Blue states losing them.

There's absolutely no scientific justification for wearing a mask outside. It's all about political submission!

Growing number of black leaders embrace voter ID, reject Biden’s b*llsh*t 'Jim Crow' claims

Idiocracy on Full Display = A fully vaccinated President wears a damn face mask on a zoom call with 12 other world leaders. Masks are now simply just a tool of submission for the democrat party

Turn Off NBC News for Good! - Selectively edits out the main facts and part of the video showing the knife being swung in the attack. This would only be done so as to sew doubt and foment hate and division.

Struggling taxpaying businesses NOT eligible, non-citizen law brakers eligble, This is the democrat priority!

Just listen to the lying propoganda fake news media tell everyone a bold faced lie that Capital Hill officer died from being beaten with a fire extinguisher during the protest. In actuality he died long after the protest event was over from natural causes. This abhorant lie was used as a pretense to impeach president Trump.

Biden and the corrupt democrat party now paying $72,000 per border crosser to house them in hotels. Keep voting for these incompetent democrats and kiss your hard earned money goodbye!

Sermon: Who was to Blame for the BLM Antifa Riots?

An analysis of the Chauvin verdict and an indictment of the sick democrat leaders, the agenda media, and this corrupt society.

Sicko Biden set to further poison U.S. schools with the America-hating 'critical race theory' garbage.

Corrupt democrats label cleaning up a voter role of dead registrants as racist. The democrats are so morally bankrupt and mentally corrupt.

Horrific: Democrat Gov. Whitmer forces masks on 2 year olds!

Why Would any Police officer want to do the hardest job in the world with people like LeBron and the rest of the Cop-Hating Media

Freedom-loving Restaurant goers shout down mask nazis and send them out of the restaurant
Alpha Male sets beta gov't health inspector in his place

Oregon HS Track Coach Calls For 'Mask Lunatics' To Drop Rule After Runner Suffers ‘Complete Oxygen Debt’

Lunatics running this country! What? Now it's the role of the federal gov't (the taxpayers) to pay for everyone else's funeral cost? Give me a damn break!

Democrat Minneapolis City Council candidate encouraged those who “feel like burning shit down” to target the city’s wealthiest residents.
Democrat Maxine waters incites BLM and Antifa terrorist rioting

Nutjob Democrat Biden can't burn-up American's hard earned tax money fast enough! We are watching the largest increase in government ever and the bankrupting death of America by corrupt democrats
Millions of illegal aliens set to receive $4.38 billion in Biden Covid Cash
$87 million to house illegal aliens in hotels!
$1 Trillion More Spending for Gov Child Care, Gov Universal Pre-School, and Gov Free Community Colleges

Why the 2nd Amendment Exists and must be protected from the incompetent hypocrite democrats who want to eliminate our guns and the Police while they surround themselves with armed bodyguards!
Mother with concealed weapon shoots armed attacker dead, saves the day
Man with his gun protects his family from armed attacker
Legally Armed Firearms Trainer Shoots Aggressive Man Who Corners Him
Quick acting armed churchgoers save the entire church from being massacred by radical gunmen
Two Armed Men Stop Knife Attack Cold
Pastor with Gun Ends Lunatic Criminal's Shooting Spree
Mugger Wants Valuables, Gets Shot Instead
Prepared Homeowner defends his home and property from thugs with his AR-15
Armed Phone Store Employee Ends Armed Robber's Life of Crime
Armed Self-Defender Stops Carjacking
Armed robber pays the ultimate price for his crimes
First Ever Wisconsin Concealed Weapon Holder Use Caught on Camera
Armed civilian shoots and kills Oklahoma City restaurant gunman
Woman homeowner with her gun saves herself from criminal home invaders
Concealed Carrier Turns the Tables on Armed Robbers
Armed robber thugs pay with their lives after running into victims armed citizens!
Armed guard in the right place at the right time ruins two theives day
Home Invasion Carjacking Ends With Dead Carjacker
Armed Citizen Defeats Carjacking Attempt

Correct Math answers is now racist according to the metally incompetent progressive democrat with their corrupt mind, obsessed only with thoughts of race and gender all day long.

Canada uses a full brigade of riot police to close down one church over covid policy violations.

CNN admits to being nothing but corrupt democrat propaganda on video, no news at all. "We got Biden elected and Trump out of office". Climate change scam B.S. is next up

Hate-filled black thug throws molative cocktail at law enforcement officer. Lying media ignores, doesn't fit their racist narrative

Common Sense Affirmed: Oklahoma bill to protect drivers who run over protesters signed into law Stay out of the roads you useless reprobate protestors!
What the demon protestors do if you don't stop your car.
Useless antifa agitator gets taken for a hood ride. Good, you deserve worse!

College professors caught on hot mic brag about their marxist indoctrination of America's students.

A few reprobates crawl out of their holes to spew their vile hatred, verbally harass and insult NYPD police officers.

Anti-American censors at Twitter suspend one of the last true journalists left after he exposes the rampant bias and corruption at CNN

Toughest Job Ever. Thank God for the Brave Police! Screw A.O.C., Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and the rest the communist American-hating 'defund the police' corrupt democrats.

The thin blue line. Toughest job ever. Police facing down the demons of hell lose on this earth.
The thin blue line. Toughest job ever. Woman violently resists arrest and attempts to kill a Police officer before being fatally shot.
The thin blue line. Toughest job ever. Man charges officer with knife. Don't matter your race, you do this you deserve to be shot if you behave this way.
The thin blue line. Toughest job ever. Phoenix Police Commander killed by unstable and deranged apartment tenant.
Toughest job ever. Cop doesn't shoot suspect with a knife fast enough, and ends up losing his life.

Democrat = 'Defund the police'. Please remember this when you next vote!

Gov. DeSantis - Slams Lying Fake News 60 Minutes. "Do not trust corporate media they will lie they will smear"

True Racism on the Left: Mercer U. Theology Prof’s Prayer: ‘Dear God, Please Help Me to Hate White People’

Mass exodus from NY possible as greedy corrupt democrats hunt for more people's money that they can confiscate and waste.

Democrat Hypocrite: Police-Hating Maxine Waters Requested a Police Escort to MN Protests

The spirit of the coming antichrist is overtaking London

How to comply with the police 101 - Do what the damn officer tells you to do and no one gets shot!

Candace Owens teaches African Americans how to escape the prison of the democrat plantation

Rand Paul Demands Face-Mask scammer Fauci Be ‘Removed From TV For Fear Mongering’

NCAA unequivocally supports the trans cheaters; men who think they are women competing against women in sports Turn them off!

It's not about the virus, its about submission to the democrat party. MSNBC Host Joy Reid Says That She Goes Jogging With Two Masks While Fully Vaccinated. Idiocracy 101!

Democrats are just about phony appearances. Look at me! Buttigieg mocked for phony bike ride to work stunt.

Canadians shout the mask compliance gestapo to get the h#$$ out of their restaurant!
This is how freedom loving people handle these unwanted scammers!

MLB's disgusting act of cowardice and ignorance as they bow like spineless chickens to the woke mob. Turn them off!

Fully vaccinated and sitting alone on a private jet Kamala thinks she needs a mask on (because it's for show only).

The most dangerous bill ever submitted by the corrupt democrats is a clear and present danger to America's survival as a democracy

The Corrupt Democrat Way: Killer Cuomo Hires a former Execution-Style NYPD Cop Killer to Help Reform New York Police Why on God's green earth does anyone vote for these devilcrats?

America is asleep at the wheel: Listen to Lara Logan only if you can handle the truth about our southern border

$352 per night to house illegals in luxury hotels. You the dumb voter who voted for corrupt democrats are now paying for this. Keep voting for corrupt democrats you dummies, America will bankrupt and 3rd world soon!

NOTE: THE ANTI-AMERICAN COMMUNISTS CENSORS AT TWITTER HAVE IMMEDIATLY SUSPENDED THIS AS THEY DON'T WANT FREE AMERICANS TO HEAR THE TRUTH Former Congressman Ron Paul issues a dire warning about the issuance of vaccine passports, saying tyrannical control freak authoritarians will assume more control if people don’t wake up and resist.

Migrant children back to live school in San Diego, U.S. Kids however still stuck at home. Dem's number one priority is always the non-citizen

Reimagine New York Free'd from the Petty Dictator cuomo
Back to school, back to work, back to live sports, back to running, back to music, free free free from the tyrant cuomo!!!!

Despicable careless wasteful people discarding facemasks everywhere killing wildlife in seas and on land.

Corrupt Democrats (the masters of debt) look to overhaul unemployment to incentivize people into not working and make it into a brand new entitlement for society's deadbeats to live off

No need to buy WokaCola anymore as they bow their ignorant cowardly corporate knee to the woke left

How to properly deal with the dept of health mask gestapo

Update 4/25/2021 - SWAT gestapo team returns to harass the church above during the Sabbath

Sign the petition to impeach cuomo and get our American Freedoms back from this arrogant fear mongering power-hungry tyrant who wants to control every aspect of our lives!

The people of New York would much rather live life with a little risk than be stuck under the petty dictator cuomo's bullshit controls! Howard Zucker can go too!

Is a vaccine passport the birth of the biblical mark of the beast? Well try to buy and sell today without a mask, you'll be in police custody quickly!

This crazy unfit communist is the next in line to the US presidency! Cracks up over parents being unable to send their kids to school.

Freedom Loving Florida Gov. DeSantis: Citizens Will Never Have To Show Vaccine Passports “To Participate In Normal Society”

Covid is the useful tool of the corrupt democrat party to take control of every aspect of people's lives, pillage the U.S. Treasury, and bailout the bankrupt failed policies of corrupt democrat governors, and to pay off the donors that keep them in power (such as the corrupt teacher's unions)!

Masks and lockdowns for life under corrupt democrat rule, count on it!

THE FACTS/SCIENCE. Average COVID-19 Fatalities per million as of February 24, 2021
Lockdown States: 1558
Free States: 1475
The corrupt democrat lockdowns had no effect on saving lives but catastrophic negative effects on business and livelihoods.

Londoners tell the socialist govt where they can stick their rotten lockdowns.

Texas' COVID numbers fall every day following Gov. Abbott's 100% reopening and lifting of the mask mandate - a move that Biden infamously called 'Neanderthal thinking'.

Dr. Rand Paul Destroys the Lying Masks-for-life Lockdown-Loving Fauci.

Former Planned Parenthood president wants Biden to tie vaccinations to allowing Americans' to have back their constitutionally guaranteed freedoms

Social distancing nazi police fine a man $1,200 for feeding homeless people

The CDC is an inept organization, paralyzed with fear and a total lack of common sense. The real virus for our country is their irrational fear and asinine efforts to paralyze our society and control the spread at all costs.

A National Disgrace: Two of the most crooked crooks ever in congress, incapable of feeling shame, so proud that they once again pillaged the U.S. Treasury of $1.9 Trillion bankrupting the U.S. and multiple future generations. The bill should be called the "corrupt democrat failed policy rescue bill" not the "American rescue bill" because they are bailing out all their failed policies and the failed corrupt democrat governors (cuomo, newsom, etc..). They spend like hell and then everyone else has to bail their pathetic a%%es out. They created all of the problems that facilitated a bailout. They want to eat cake all of the time like little spoiled children with a credit card. Then enslave future generations who will have to pay off all their profligate overspending. Immoral and Disgusting!

Watch how the corrupt democrat party buys votes with our money

Biden's disastrous policy on the border. True kids in cages this time! Blocking the democrat lapdog press and the opposition party from recording this shameful event. Biden invited them to come and now we are reaping what he sows!
Notice the video below is quickly blocked by the communist democrats at youtube? This is how they censor Americans so they won't get the truth! Like living in China!

Total lawlessness, moral decay, and human depravity in Florida spring break.

Horrific life in a 100% unchecked corrupt democrat run city. Visions of garbage and drug hell on earth.

Deranged Lunatic Pelosi - Climate Change Causing the Border Crisis. | Lunatic Fauci - Climate change leading to pandemics People these people are mentally unfit to lead.

WARNING: Democrat single-party rule for life if the democrat's extremely corrupt power-grabbing HR1 bill passes. This bill is a total assault on the voting process, the constitution and free and fair elections.

Sicko Mask Nazi's at bank call Police for 65y/o woman not wearing a mask. What kind of hell has America sunk to?

American gun owners obliterate lying Biden's gun control plans

Are the lying corrupt democrats trying to make honest taxpaying citizens the minority in America?

85 New York lawmakers call for the lockdown-loving tyrant cuomo to either resign or be impeached

As usual, after another mass shooting, the reprobate corrupt democrats focus immediately on attacking the law abiding citizens who use guns for protection instead of going after the real perps, the criminals.

Dems' new voting expansion bill is 'as if written in hell by the devil himself'

Every mainstream media journo and every democrat should listen to this video to understand what Real Leadership is. South Dakota, the state with the lowest unemployment in the nation, is also the only state that never ordered a single business or church to close, never mandated masks, never fined a business, never shutdown a school or anything else.

Fort Pelosi/Schumer: If what the corrupt democrats are doing to this country is good why do they need to build an armed walled fortress around themselves to protect themselves from the American people?

Democrats make sure illegal aliens and prisoners who do not pay taxes, get stimulus checks. Would the media ever expose this to the American people? Zero Chance!

Besides the mounting harassment claims, Why not just remove cuomo from office for his record as an absolute wrecking ball to the freedoms and prosperity on NYer's such as:

1. Bankrupting NY with a $60 billion dollar deficit and horrific financial mismanagement.
2. For destroying people's careers and livelihoods during the pandemic.
3. For the way he isolated and imprisoned the elderly in senior care facilities not allowing them to see their families.
4. For sending out his NYS dept of health gestapo to assess fines on businesses driving them out of existence if they didn't follow his every overreaching covid edict.
5. For destroying schools and entire industries with his lockdown lunacy.
6. For his failed bail reform which every law enforcement agency in NY opposed and which unleashed criminals on to the law abiding citizens.
7. For setting scores of criminals free (in the name of covid) totally disrespecting the victims of these crimes.
8. For his so called SafeAct which attacks peoples 2nd amendment RIGHTS! Rights he does not have the authority to take away or limit as he sees fit.
9. Watch this narcissistic ego work his lapdogs in the media

Democrat Priorities: California Governor Gavin Newsom – No Money for Firefighters, But $28 Mil for Illegal Aliens

Flashback: NY Republican Legislature Lalor Warns "Cuomo Will Abuse Pandemic Powers". Unfit democrats unable to foresee the dangers everyone else could easily see, ignore the warning.

"Nothing changes after the vaccine". How did a '15 day pause to flatten the curve' last year turn into potentially a multi-year corrupt democrat-led plan to control every aspect of your life?

The Covid Bill - a Disgusting Shameful Lying Pile of Democrat Pork to Pay off Their Friends
Pelosi/Schumer/Biden corruption and raid on the U.S. Treasury: $1.9 trillion waste/fraud covid bill - 9% towards covid, 91% corrupt democrat pork projects, democrat bailouts, unions, abortions, and donor pay offs. Why are there trains and bridges in the covid bill? These terribly corrupt people haven't even spent the billions in the last pork-stuffed covid bill they passed just 45 days ago. Democrats are so immoral. Hundreds of millions of current and future Americans will have to work their entire lives paying taxes just to pay the interest on the debt these lying evil democrats accumulated (not to mention the $30 trillion in principal).

Pelosi drunk with unchecked power

Freedom returns to red-state Texas and Mississippi. Masks not required, all business fully open.


Democrat's so called 'Equality Act' ironically may be the single greatest discriminatory attack on women in the history of congress.

Masters of censorship at Twitter only enforce their policy rules against their political enemies

Biden is telling Migrants, Cross Our Borders, Violate Our Laws and You Will Be Rewarded

You can guarantee if the demoncrats thought illegals would vote Republican, the red carpet would be immediately removed

Two world leaders get vaccinated on live TV but upon closer examination, both used empty syringes. What are they afraid of?

"Every American should be SCARED OF HELL" of the corrupt democrat's garbage Equality Act. The complete destruction of women's sports and parental rights.

AZ Sheriff: Thanks to Biden We Now Have a 'Crime Scene' at the Border

After declaring masks don't work, Fascist Fauci now wants you scared and wearing a mask for years to come even after being vaccinated. No Way!! Fire this man!

CDC's own numbers - Masks are shown to be effectively useless with a statistically insignificant effect after 100 days, but they push them anyhow.

NYS Dept of Health ruins 2021's weddings with more overreaching lunatic and unconstitutional regulations NO WONDER PEOPLE ARE MOVING OUT OF NEW YORK IN DROVES!

Evil | Is this what being drunk with power looks like?

Chuck Schumer's answer to every problem: More government spending and debt. How about just getting corrupt democrats to take their foot off the neck of everyone and keep your damn handouts and stimulus checks CHUCK!

Awesome: Man goes off on police-state mask-scam covid gestapo
Notice how the anti-american commies at Youtube have censored this video? This is how they censor Americans so they won't get the truth! Like living in China!

The Constitution Isn't Suspended Because of a Pandemic, Hear that king cuomo and howard zucker?

Democrats have gone into a drunken spending orgy. Spend Spend Spend. Now they want to subsidize everyone's internet access and buy them laptops too. Where does it end, you're $30 Trillion bankrupt already? Is this the proper role of a gov't to be paying for absolutely everything a person needs?

Sicko Biden: 8-Year-Olds Should Be Allowed to Decide They’re Transgender

The highest priority of the corrupt democrat party is the non-citizen alien not the taxpaying citizen.

Sicko Biden’s ‘War on Women’. Equality Act to End Legal Recognition of Biological Sex

Exposing the censorship and corruption in the media and in the Big Tech Social Media

More insanity covid-scam child abuse. The people that do this to our kids should be criminally charged.

People in the UK had enough of the evil lockdown tyrants. They come out and celebrate maskless freedom
Notice how the anti-american commies at Youtube have censored this video? This is how they censor Americans so they won't get the truth! Like living in China!

Democrat Sickos are going after our kids with their perverted ideology! Proposed California bill would fine stores that segregate kids' toys and apparel into boys' and girls' departments.

Sicko Biden on day 1 puts a halt to Trumps executive order that saved Americans $160 billion dollars.

Disgraceful Biden allows the flag representing homosexuality to be flown at U.S. embassies worldwide

Biden wipes out tens of thousands of American jobs in one single executive order because of his lunatic misguided political views.

The feel good video of the year! Buffalo Business owners eject a NYS health department covid gestapo who was attempting to shut them down [original video]

Oh brother, now the brain-dead leftwing cancel culture thinks that even Dr. Suess books are racist. Ya know, if a leftwing nutjob ever tries to cancel you, never ever apologize, just steam roll the little cupcake until they shrink back into their safe space!

People of the Netherlands celebrate the Great Reopening!
Notice how the anti-american commies at Youtube have censored this video? This is how they censor Americans so they won't get the truth! Like living in China!

We seek to destroy that which is destroying our system, the anti-human and anti-life policies being implemented without our consent or foreknowledge.

American worker speaks after being laid off by climate-lunatic Biden's killing of the keystone pipeline project

Biden's green deal energy policies will definitely lead to blackouts.

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